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Eventually, every roof will need to be replaced. Sometimes you can plan for a replacement when it’s due to normal wear and tear. Other times, life in south Louisiana brings heavy storms and hurricanes which can destroy your roof in a single day.

If you’re looking for a free inspection and estimate on roof replacement, call us today. We are a highly rated roofing service provider in Mandeville, LA. Our community knows that we offer top-quality roof replacement services at reasonable rates. 

Here are some common questions our clients often ask about roof replacement as well as an overview of the process:

What is the timeframe for re-roofing?

That depends. The amount of time that it takes to replace any roof depends on the size of the roof and the type of roofing material used. First of all, it is a given that larger roofs will be more time-consuming, since there is more to tear down and replace.

To address the second point, roofs consisting of asphalt shingles are usually the quickest to replace, taking less than one day sometimes. A metal roof can take a full day or two to replace, and costlier materials, like slate or wood, can sometimes take up to a full week.

Another factor is your insurance company if you’re filing a claim. We are more than happy to help with that process, but sometimes insurance companies are unpredictable when it comes to turnaround times, especially after a storm.

What type of roofing materials do you use?

Speaking of materials, you will have a big decision to make prior to your roof replacement. You can choose the same material as your previous roof, or you can go in a totally new direction. Just remember, there are many considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing a roof material, such as your climate and whether or not a specific material will match the overall style of your home. For instance, low-pitched roofs are limited to only certain materials.

Remember, materials are usually sold by the square foot. Here are a few to consider:

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt is the most common roofing option, and it is quite affordable. It is also available almost anywhere. You can get traditional flat asphalt shingles or architectural roof shingles in almost any color.

Metal: Metal is virtually fireproof and it is more durable than most materials. For these reasons, it is becoming popular across the Gulf Coast as an attractive and long-lasting alternative to shingles.

Slate: Slate roofs bring your home extra curb appeal. They are high-end, but beautiful. And, since they are heavy, they also can take quite a beating. We see more slate roofing in New Orleans, but there are some on the Northshore.

Composition Slate: If you love the aesthetic appeal of slate, but are looking for an affordable alternative, try composition slate. Composition slate is lighter and is made from 100% recycled materials.

Tile: With a tile roof, you have the choice of using ceramic or clay tiles. There are also alternative materials that are just as gorgeous, but much lighter.These types of roofs are most common in warmer climates, but they can be found anywhere, really. The best part about them is that they are mostly fireproof.

Old Roof Removal

Most of the time, old shingles must be removed prior to the laying down of new roofing materials. In addition, we must take into consideration whether or not there is damage to the waterproofing and decking on the prior roof. There’s a good chance you may have damaged plywood to replace and need new waterproof covering.

Another thing that is crucial to consider is the timing. You don’t want to remove an old roof without first having the right materials and tools available to complete the installation of the new roof. Leaving the old roof off for several weeks while waiting for the appropriate materials can cause serious damage to the structure of your house.

Also, a large dumpster will be necessary for the disposal of the old roof materials as they are removed. A long tarp should also be used to cover foliage so it doesn’t become covered in falling debris and dust. Plywood should be applied to windows to prevent any damage.

These are all things we take care of for you.

Once all this is covered, it is time to start stripping the roof shingles. We start at the peak of your roof, and work downward, using a tear off shovel to rip away at the ridge caps and top courses of each shingle, trying to pull out each nail in the process. 

We carefully work around skylights, chimneys, and exterior walls to preserve any flashing that is in good-enough condition to be reused. That said, if the flashing is cracked or rusty, we will remove it and replace it.

Wood Decking Inspection

Old roofs are removed to not only make space for new roofs, but also to allow us the opportunity to inspect the wood decking that lies beneath. This decking is critical, because it acts as a solid base to which you can attach the new roofing materials.

A quick inspection is important because if falling trees or severe weather damage your roof, there is a good chance that the decking was damaged as well. And, decking can become rotted over a period of years due to collecting moisture from rain and ice. We will ensure that your decking is in pristine condition before installing the new roof, so we can be sure that it stays secured.

Roof Surface Preparation

There are a few more steps that are necessary to prepare your roof’s surface for the new roofing materials. First, we apply the piece of non-corrosive metal known as a drip edge on the edges of the roof surface. This stops water from damaging the decking after the roof is installed.

Then we place the underlayment, which is made of either a waterproof or water-resistant material, on top of the wood decking. 

New Roof Installation

Now, it is time to install the new roofing materials atop the underlayment on the roof surface. Of course, the time that it takes to install the new roof is completely dependent on the materials and roof size, as we said previously.

We spread the seams of your chosen roofing material across the surface of your roof, allowing each shingle to overlap the shingle below it by no more than a half an inch to create a watertight barrier.

When working with asphalt, metal, or some types of clay and concrete tile shingles, we will need to fasten the shingles to the roof surface using specific roofing nails. We’ll measure sufficient distance between the spots where nails are needed and mark the spots with chalk before nailing down each shingle. Then we’ll apply roofing adhesive around each nail to keep water out and secure each fastener.

Final Inspection

Once the roof is complete, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire roof. This means we will check each seam, look over and over again for loose nails, reapply cracked adhesive, and basically ensure that everything is 100% up to par for you, our valued customer. 

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Just ask your neighbors in the Mandeville, LA area. We are also fully licensed and insured in accordance with the legal requirements of the state of Louisiana. 

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