Teamwork Silver Referral Program

Teamwork Silver Program

What comes to mind when you think of silver? Is it elegance and sophistication, or perhaps modern industrialism? Indeed, one thing we all think of is the value that comes with real silver.

Within our company, we attach the same symbolism in silver to how we approach teamwork. When we see an employee or contractor go above and beyond for the sake of collaboration–and when it’s reported to a team member–we give them a real, one-ounce silver coin. It reinforces the value we see in providing a good service and strengthens our values as a Servant Leadership Organization. ​

If a customer is specifically impressed with one of the roofers and they notify me, I will give them a Teamwork Silver coin. So please don’t ever hesitate to let me know who you have been impressed with so we can keep our teamwork motivation flowing! And, if you are impressed with the entire team of roofers, EVERY roofer on the job will get a Teamwork Silver coin. It’s not a cheap prize, but delivering quality roofing is the most significant investment we can put into Ridgeback Roofing.

Teamwork Silver Referral

It’s not just roofers who get rewarded for helping our business grow–customers can get a Teamwork Silver coin, too! Whenever we get a referral from one of our customers, they become high-value partners to Ridgeback Roofing. A successful referral is the same as an investor putting money into our business; we want to recognize that.

Any customer referral that leads to business is rewarded with real, one-ounce silver coins valued at 3% of the gross revenue generated from the referral. This isn’t payment; it’s recognition of how you helped us grow!

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