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Hurricane Roof Repair & Replacement

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Why You Should Repair or Replace Your Storm-Damaged Roof 

Storms and hurricanes can damage roofs in many ways. Homeowners must be cautious that the high winds and heavy rainstorms can seriously damage your roof, especially here in Louisiana.

Rain alone can hurt your roof, but when you add high winds and flying debris or hail, your roof can sustain significant damage.

High winds sometimes blow shingles off your roof, creating empty areas that will need repairs or a complete roof replacement later. The wind pushing up on the bottom of the roof will loosen fasteners and break the roofing adhesion over time, making your roof vulnerable to damage in the future.

Wind also causes tree branches or entire trees to fall on the roof, often damaging the roof structure and roof shingles.

An inspector may or may not detect the impact of a hail-damaged roof. The result of hail can loosen, fracture, or remove granules from your asphalt shingles.

Not to worry, that is where Ridgeback Roofing comes in.

Most Frequent Signs of Storm Damage 

After a storm or hurricane, many potential tells will impact your roof’s integrity. Here are some of the signs we typically see from storm damage:

  • Missing Shingles – Cracking roof systems or peeling roof shingles are more likely to be lost during storms.
  • Visible Water In the Home – Most visible leaks found inside the home are likely due to high winds during a storm. Shingles and roof underlayment may be compromised and allow water to penetrate the attic areas and down into the home.
  • Granular Loss – Some granular loss is typical, especially in new roofs. Granular loss creates horizontal lines during a storm, indicating that the shingle seal is broken. Granular loss is typical as shingles flap in the wind and causes cracking in your roof.
  • Loose Debris – After a storm, loose debris in the yard could imply that that same debris may have struck the roof and caused some damage.

Most roof damage starts with damaged shingles or tiles. Once the roof has been compromised, water can easily penetrate through it. The repeated soakings will eventually warp and rot the decking beneath your shingles and then leak into the areas beneath the roof.

This damage can lead to more than just rotted wood. Mold can quickly form given the humid, dark conditions and eventually become a health threat to you and your family.

Why Choose Ridgeback Roofing For Your Roof?

Your roof should be durable enough to withstand harsh environmental elements. At Ridgeback Roofing, we know how hard Louisiana weather can be on a roof.

Capable, honest, and with years of industry experience, Ridgeback Roofing, LLC is the roofing contractor that will take care of your needs. Our professional attitude and customer-centered policies have made us one of the leading roofing companies in Mandeville, LA.

Importantly, we offer a comprehensive roofing service. We repair and fix damage related to hail storms, strong winds, and hurricanes. We even take down your hurricane-damaged roofing and substitute it with a stronger counterpart.

We are fully licensed and insured, operating per industry standards and regulations. A 3-year labor warranty also covers our work. Ridgeback Roofing has the equipment and experience to repair and replace compromised roofing. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

We guarantee your satisfaction at Ridgeback Roofing. Check out some testimonials and see what our customers say about us!

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