Hail Damaged Roof Repair

Hail Damaged Roof Repair

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Hail Damaged Roof Repair

Ridgeback Roofing is a local, licensed professional roofing company located in Mandeville, LA providing roof inspections when you need them most. Our service area covers all of Northshore, including Covington, Slidell & Tangipahoa Parish.

If your roof has been damaged by a hurricane, wind damage, or a hailstorm, contact us to learn more about our roofing services or get an estimate.

Hail Damage

In the roofing industry, it is known that when hail hits your roof, it causes irreversible damage to it, and the only remedy is to replace or repair the roof.

At times, Hail damage to your roof can be noticeable. If the hail is large enough, you’ll see dents or dings on your shingles.

There are cases where the hail damage is hard to spot. And just because your roof doesn’t have large dents in the shingles doesn’t mean you won’t have hail damage. It only takes hail the size of a dime to damage your roof, and that damage can’t always be seen from the ground. The hidden damage caused by hail impact can wreak havoc on your roof over time.

How does hail damage your roof? Here is the actual process of hail damage:

  • The hail hits your roof and causes a small indentation, weakening the shingles’ integrity.
  • Over time, the protective granules wash away, exposing your shingles to the elements.
  • The sun then bakes the fiberglass core, weakening your shingles.
  • Finally, water intrudes behind the compromised shingle causing a water leak.

Many roof leaks are caused solely by the impact of hail on shingles. And many times, hail damage isn’t apparent for days, weeks, or even months after a storm.

Internal and External Problems to Look Out for After a Hailstorm

What makes identifying hail damage tricky is that you can’t tell with just a glance most of the time. You will need to search for internal and external signs of hail damage.

The following internal issues could be the result of hail damage:

  • Leaking from the ceiling
  • Water damage throughout the house and ceiling
  • Mold
  • Cracks throughout the ceiling

While you might not see any noticeable effects of hail damage on the outside, you should keep a running list of the issues you find regardless.

The following external issues could be the result of hail damage:

  • Roof debris in your yard
  • Loose, missing, or torn shingles
  • Pocked mark in metal on gutters
  • Leftover hail in the gutters
  • Dings and dents in roof metal and shingles

If you have some or all these signs, your roof will likely need replacement or repairs.

Why Choose Ridgeback Roofing?

Capable, honest, and with years of industry experience, Ridgeback Roofing, LLC is the roofing contractor that will take care of your needs. Our professional attitude and customer-centered policies have made us one of the leading roofing companies in Mandeville, LA.

We are fully licensed and insured, operating per industry standards and regulations. A 10-year labor warranty also covers our work.

Importantly, we offer a comprehensive roofing service. We perform metal and shingle roof installation on residential buildings. We also repair and fix damage related to hailstorms, strong winds, and hurricanes. We even safely take down your old roofing and substitute it with its newer and better counterpart.

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