Denied Roof Insurance Claims

Denied Roof Insurance Claims

From Ridgeback Roofing


If you live in south Louisiana, you may be one of the many homeowners whose insurance companies have denied roofing claims to have their roof replaced after a hurricane or storm.

If you’ve filed claims with your insurance company and have been denied after the insurance adjuster inspected your roof for storm damage, or if you’ve been denied a full roof replacement for any reason, we can help.

In fact, most of our clients are actually homeowners who have first been denied new roofs by the insurance company! 

3 Steps to Success

#1. We will build a case for the insurance company on your behalf showing why we think the roof should be replaced via storm damage.

#2. The insurance company then sends a second, seasoned adjuster with ample experience to inspect the roof again.

#3. When the second adjuster gets to the customer’s home, we will meet them there and show them why we feel they should replace the roof.

Jesus gives me wisdom and favor with the adjusters and gives me insight into how to prove storm damage.

The Ridgeback Roofing Advantage

Did you know many denied roofs have damage under the shingles that cannot be seen from the ground or by walking the roof?

We will go the extra mile to determine and prove the level of storm damage.

For example, if your shingles were lifted by heavy wind and the nails pulled through the shingles, but the shingles then layed down and covered the damage after the storm. A simple first glance wouldn’t determine the actual level of damage.

We will take the time and make the effort to manually review, lifting the shingles to find the true damage that could have been missed. Very few adjusters and fewer roofing salesmen will take the time and put in the extra effort to review at that level. However, it’s our pleasure.

Another advantage we have is corporate sales experience having worked for the largest oilfield service companies in the world via past businesses.

Did you know that very few roofers understand corporate storytelling and know how to prepare legal cases in this way and negotiate with insurance companies?

Many of them also do not want to spend the time or effort it takes to overturn denials.

Personally, we love this part of the job because it’s great exercise, a ministry for us, and rewarding.

Helping is Our Privilege

We truly enjoy our work but what we enjoy more than that, is helping others. Especially those who aren’t sure what to do when their claim has been denied.

We believe everyone deserves a roof over their head.

Please Contact Us or give us a call at (985) 590-2575 to chat about your denied insurance claim and find out how we can help. We’ll discuss your unique situation and decide on the best approach.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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